SAP today is the global leader in business applications and analytics software, a market leader in digital commerce, and the world’s largest enterprise cloud company with over 130 million cloud users.

SAP solutions help customers address technology trends such as cloud computing, Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence that go hand in hand with the social trends that are changing how we live and work.

Majority of the World's largest companies uses SAP ERP. In India also majority of large companies using Enterprise ERP use the SAP systems / software. Even government organizations in India use SAP. People working in these organizations have to use or operate SAP system(s) to perform their business functions.

SAP MM - Power User Course:

SAP Materials Management module course imparts with the knowledge that consists of several components and sub-components prominently including Master Data, Purchasing, and Inventory, Evaluation of Materials, Consumption-based planning, and Invoice Verification.

Objectives of SAP-MM Course:

  • Bridging the Academics – Industry gap
  • Create job ready manpower resource pool with the skills of SAP MM
  • Enhance employability by meeting the skill requirement of industry to address ever changing business needs
  • Build knowledge-based Economy with cost effective program for World’s best IT Company
  • Overview of the components of Materials Management, Material Master Data, Vendor Master.
  • Consumption-based planning and purchasing processes.
  • Inventory management and insights into the valuation of materials.
  • Invoice verification.
  • Material requirement planning. .
  • Material Management Logistics information system.
  • Understand industry best practices supported by SAP ERP – “Be future ready

This course is a combined with Procurement l (TSCM50) & Procurement ll (TSCM52)

SAP MM courses

WHO IS IT FOR? Our e-learning course is an introduction to SAP. Candidates with Procurement, Plant executive, Logistics and Supply chain backgrounds, Warehouse Managers, Retail Customer can now update their skills to meet the challenges involved in business management practice and technology, where information technology integrates with company’s core business processes to enable the achievement of specific business objectives in the workplace. An educational or vocational background in financial reporting is recommended before starting the SAP MM. The SAP MM is an opportunity to update accounting software knowledge in this frequently updated corporate world.


The online course includes all the study materials and learning resources you will need. You can apply SAP MM at any time. Students need to make payment and provide necessary documents in order to get access to the online course and assessments. This course comes with a life time validity. Typically, a student should take 40 hours to work through the course. The certificate is assessed by a one-hour exam with 100 multiple-choice questions with no negative marking.

What does DCA Provide?

  • ID and Server with SAP E-learning hub.
  • Online study material and other learning resources on SAP MM
  • Assignments and other practical sessions.
  • Program designed and taught by expert faculty with real-world expertise.
  • 40+ Hours of “Live & Interactive” training program.
  • Zero cost Education loan facility
  • Clear your doubts face-to-face with experts.